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Living a Low Carbon Life

Posted by Sanskriti on November 11, 2009

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Who needs to be low-carbon?

India needs more energy to provide basic services and livelihood opportunities to all.But the atmosphere will get further destabilized with addition of more carbon; it does not care whether more carbon is coming from the US or India! So, all countries and communities have to shift to energy sources that are low carbon or no-carbon.

Vinayak Patil drew this for Earthcare

Green Jobs

New ways of energy production and use means that new jobs are being created. Courses on Energy and Environment Management are already offered by some universities. Professions such as that of Energy Auditors and for certification of green buildings are emerging.

Recycling is ‘green’ but work conditions need support

Many existing green jobs need encouragement. Waste collector Rebecca Kedari says she is already engaged in a green job and her work needs to be supported. She said, ‘builders make enough space to park cars and even before the flats are built. In the same way, housing complexes and the whole city should make space for storage of recyclables, composting, and segregation for recycling.

‘Recycling is ‘green’ but that work conditions are very poor. Green jobs need to be decent jobs-offering good wages and income security, safe working conditions,  dignity at work,  and adequate workers’ rights.’ (State of the World 2009)

India’s Advantage

Now that it is clear that future development has to be no- or low-carbon, we can pick a good and clean path. No need to go the dirty polluting way of earlier development.

‘India has an easier route. We have a shortcut. We can go to the eco-society straight, rather than through the route of classical industrialization’.

Mr. Mahesh Zagade, IAS, Municipal Commissioner, Pune

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