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Experiences and Encounters in Pune


Stuff I Do is mostly about experiences and encounters in Pune. Stuff happens faster than it can be processed and reflected upon.  I am thinking uploading pictures and adding text might help …




4 Responses to “About”

  1. hi

    i teach at IIT Bombay. i was planning to use a photo (contour trenches on baner hill) for my water resources course. let me know if that is ok.
    the course is available in the public domain at the website above.

    the photo appears at


  2. Hi, I’m extremely interested in organic farming however I don’t know how to start and where to start from. I tried to look for courses in pune but could not find anything relevant. I am a corporate person however of late I have developed interest in organic farming and want to pursue it. I have researched a lot on vermin composed as well and planning to start it at home. Can I please visit your farm whenever feasible to get some understanding and guidance from you? Thanks in advance.

    • Sanskriti said

      Hi Sneha,

      You can find out more about the farm and find Ashwin’s contact details at
      There is also some urban farming happening in Pune. An intern at CEE has put together some information about these. Maybe I will write about it soon. But in the meantime, do contact Ashwin.

      ~ Sanskriti

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