The Handprint – what the fingers signify

Today Arun Wakhlu and Anupam Saraph and I met. We spoke about many things: Pachamama Alliance, Awakening the Dreamer, Poorna Pune, The Pune Wiki, TED and TEDx Pune, DevNadi and the power of individual action and contribution, the Earth Charter and EC + 10 conference in Ahmedabad, code of ethics, the Pune ESR, Ecological Footprint, The Handprint Actions for Sustainability, Indradhanushya, Clean Green Mela, the need to reflect and connect, existing connections, and need for more connections …

From all this came five points as one interpretation of the Handprint, and what each of the fingers might signify:

  • Be Positive and believe in yourself, says the thumb
  • Honour your commitments, abide by the agreed-on ethic, says the index finger
  • Our actions have to be in tune with environmental sustainability, says the middle finger, and as it is the tallest, it also means that we recognize the environment is bigger than all of us and the basis of our life
  • Reach out and connect, and our actions have to be in tune with social justice, says the ring finger
  • My contribution counts, and I will devote some of my personal time every day/ every week and also where possible align my social, work/ business life to working for environmental sustainability and social justice, says the little finger


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