Clean Green Mela

26 June 2010, Swojas Anand, Anand Park, Aundh, Pune

10 am to 2 pm

CEE and SWaCH are organizing a neighbourhood mela … get to know clean-green stuff happening around you, learn about solutions to make our neighbourhoods more livable

Clean Green Mela
  • Games and activities for children: Web of Life, Waste Segregation, Ropes n ladders, Whats in my compost pit, Tree of Life, Patch Painting
  • V-Collect: Bring your stuff for re-use and recycling – old clothes, toys, utensils, electrnic items
  • Compost Demo: How to start a compost pit and tips to care for your compost pit
  • Paper bag making demo
  • Talks by Dr R Joshi, Aundh Ward Medical Officer and SWaCH
  • Exhibition by EcoExist, SWaCH and CEE of products made of recycled material, books etc
  • Film show
  • Act Now Poster exhibition

Entry is free … Do Come!

And if you’d like to organize this mela in your neighbourhood, get in touch!

Here are pictures of an earlier V Collect, organized in Pushpak Park Aundh (click for slide show)

Pushpak Park

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