Month: June 2010

Clean Green Mela

26 June 2010, Swojas Anand, Anand Park, Aundh, Pune

10 am to 2 pm

CEE and SWaCH are organizing a neighbourhood mela … get to know clean-green stuff happening around you, learn about solutions to make our neighbourhoods more livable

Clean Green Mela
  • Games and activities for children: Web of Life, Waste Segregation, Ropes n ladders, Whats in my compost pit, Tree of Life, Patch Painting
  • V-Collect: Bring your stuff for re-use and recycling – old clothes, toys, utensils, electrnic items
  • Compost Demo: How to start a compost pit and tips to care for your compost pit
  • Paper bag making demo
  • Talks by Dr R Joshi, Aundh Ward Medical Officer and SWaCH
  • Exhibition by EcoExist, SWaCH and CEE of products made of recycled material, books etc
  • Film show
  • Act Now Poster exhibition

Entry is free … Do Come!

And if you’d like to organize this mela in your neighbourhood, get in touch!

Here are pictures of an earlier V Collect, organized in Pushpak Park Aundh (click for slide show)

Pushpak Park

A special book launch at a special bookstore

Sahyadri Adventure by Deepak Dalal, illustrated by Anusha, at Twist n’ Tales

Anusha, Deepak and Janaki, Twist n' Tales, 20 June 2010

Yesterday, Janaki gathered family, friends and neighbours, in an intimate and warm event at Twist n’ Tales to launch Deepak’s new double book Sahyadri Adventure. The books are illustrated by Anusha. Many things were special about yesterday – the store, the author and the illustrator!

Janaki has always wanted Twist n’ Tales to be a neighbourhood bookshop, and that is what it is. Its what you want a bookstore to be. Not a mall. Janaki knows her books and the community of readers; people meet here and strike up friendships. Deepak, a frequent visitor at TnT, writes wildlife adventure stories for children. I first met him when I moved to Pune, and my mentors and friends, philosophers and guides, Meena and Mamata, suggested I meet him, and I did. We are neighbours too! And when Deepak was telling Janaki last year that he needed an illustrator for his new book, it was Janaki who suggested that he ask Anusha.

Deepak remembered all the little doodles – mainly birds – that Anusha has been doing when we all met over coffee with Ashish, and said … ‘why not?’. And so began a new neighbourhood collaboration right here in Aundh.

Wasn’t easy with over 40 drawings to do, with school work, jamming and band practise. Deepak was always encouraging, but firm that she give her best, and its because of him and Aditi Deo’s (also in Aundh!) technical guidance that Anusha’s talent has blossomed. I’m so proud!

Here is a page from the book with Anusha’s illustrations …

Half-title Page from Sahyadri Adventure

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