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The Christmas Spirit

Posted by Sanskriti on December 25, 2009

After a lovely – though exhausting – week of ‘Celebrating our Living Culture’, we had a visit by Shyamala Mani of the Waste and Resource Management group of CEE. She came like Santa Claus, bearing gifts of gold and silver pen-stands, coasters, baskets and bags from the CEERU Nemiraj Memorial Demonstration Unit in Kodagu. CEERU is Centre for Environment Education Recycling Unit. Shyamala says its also the Kodava word for the bride’s trousseau. She feels that the CEERU concept and method of recycling is a fitting trousseau.  Here are some of the products she brought …

Handcrafted recycled

CEERU products made from recycled paper and washed plastic bags

And was it divine coincidence that just as she was showing us the new products from CEERU that Rahul Chandavrakar called to ask what eco-friendly products CEE was offering for Christmas. His story  Its a Green Xmas in City is in DNA today.

Last week Guruji Ravindra Sharma said that in his village children are busy throughout the year with art and craft activities. Schools in our city too get children to do this, but I get a bit irritated when it involves  thermocol, plastic or kits containing new ice-cream sticks to make best-from-waste-crafts purchased from the market.  It would be fun if eCoexist, KKPKP and CEE could together organize festival workshops for children to prepare decorations, gifts, idols etc. and also talk about the materials we use and what we do with them.


One Response to “The Christmas Spirit”

  1. Great idea! I think a whole lot of education work is necessary to bring back the habit of reuse and recycling into urban Indian culture. We need to start with school education with the workshops you mention, then take it to consumer and corporate education, then sensitise government departments and then mainstream well designed high quality recycled products in the market! So much exciting stuff to do! The current ban on plastic bags is a great starting point for all of this in Pune! eCoexist will be glad to participate!

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