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Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen

Posted by Sanskriti on December 9, 2009

Rixa Schwarz from CEE Germany follows the international negotiations on climate change

Did you already notice the first impacts of climate change? Extreme-weather events like heat waves in North India, droughts, storms and changes in the pattern of the monsoon in Western India? Scientists predict even more serious impacts if the main causes for climate change are not controlled. Probably you agree with me when I say IT’S TIME TO ACT!

Government representatives from all countries are meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark from 7 December to 18 December 2009 for exactly this reason – how can human kind control the root causes of climate change.

The international body for climate issues, the United Nation Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) gathers representatives from all countries around the world once a year (with one preparation meeting) at meetings called ‘Conference of the Parties’ (COPs) to discuss the protection of the earth’s climate and adaptation to climate change impacts. This year is different though: we had five preparation meetings for the crucial COP 15 in Denmark.

Read the full Earthcare Sakal Young Buzz article on kidsRgreen


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