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Happy Children’s Day

Posted by Sanskriti on November 19, 2009

Illustration by Anusha Menon, Std IX, St Joseph's High School, Pashan

While we in India observe Children’s Day on November 14, the Universal Children’s Day is observed on November 20. The date November 20 marks the day on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. It provides the occasion to think about the wellbeing of children worldwide.

Later in November, UNICEF and the city of Copenhagen will host a Children’s Climate Forum. One hundred and sixty youth delegates from 40 countries will be representing the young people of the world at the Children’s Climate Forum. They will express their thoughts, ideas and calls for action on how to secure the rights of children in a world affected by climate change. The Children’s Forum is taking place a week earlier than the meeting of government delegates from 6 to 16 December, for the Conference of Parties on Climate Change. The Children’s Forum recommendations will be heard as the Conference makes decisions that will affect children and young people’s lives today and shape their world of tomorrow.


EarthCare Quiz


1.  If you were part of an expedition to study the endangered Forest Owlet, where in India would you go?
2.  List any four types of owls found in India
3.  Butterflies and moths need ‘food plants’ for ……….. and ‘host plants’ to …. ….. …..
4. Where do butterfl ies have taste buds? On their ………….
5.  In which season would you expect Monitor Lizard eggs to hatch? In the ………………
6.  India’s urban transport policy encourages bicycling and walking in cities – True or False?
7. What are Bixi and Velib?
____ Public bicycle rental systems
____ Brands of sports cars
____ Biscuits and chocolates
8. What happens to Olive Ridley Turtle babies if there are bright lights near the beach where they are born?
9. Planting trees and protecting forests is important for tackling global warming because trees store or ‘fix’ ………………… in their bodies
10. Draw the star label of the Bureau of Energy Effi ciency that you should look for when buying electrical appliances
EarthCare – Your Response
In the past few issues of the EarthCare page, we have been writing about our stories of how we are
conserving wildlife or tackling urban issues. Now we would like to hear from you. Tell us:
1. Which EarthCare article did you like the most and why?
2. What topics you would like to read about in the forthcoming articles?
Quiz entries
Responses should reach us by November 30 2009:
By Email: Type out your thoughts, contact details, quiz questions with your answers, in ‘EarthCare – Your Response’ and email to
By Post: Cut out the quiz, fi ll it, attach the sheet with your writeup for ‘EarthCare – Your Response’ and post to Earth-Care, A 10 Garden Estate, 167/1 New DP Road, Aundh, Pune 411007.
The fi rst 5 correct entries on email and fi rst 5 correct entries by post to reach us along with the response to
‘EarthCare – Your Response’ will get prizes.
More on EarthCare Online on kidsRgreen (older issues in Archives)


Kids Did It: From the Pit to the Pot

Climate Leaders Activity



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