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Turtle Ahoy

Posted by Sanskriti on October 4, 2009

October is about the time when Olive Ridley Turtles start to nest sporadically along the Indian coast.

Night out With Turtles

Arribada or the Arrival of the Olive Ridleys in February, along the Orissa coast is famous. ‘Night Out With Sea Turtles’ is a short slide show of pictures of conservation efforts in the lesser known nesting sites along other parts of the Indian coast. Through patrolling, nature walks, conservation oriented eco-tourism etc some agencies are trying to protect turtle nesting sites.

And so, we (Ramjee and Sujeet from CEE’s Tamil Nadu and Goa offices, and me as series editor) decided to focus on Turtles in our latest attempt at writing on conservation issues for children …

It is a late evening on the beach. The air is cool, the first signs of  winter setting in.  Sujeet and I are leading a Turtle Walk. Suddenly we hear our children scream, “moving rock, coming out of the sea”.  Just a few metres away a beautiful Olive Ridley sea turtle was emerging from the sea to lay her eggs.

Read Turtle Ahoy …. a short story-article in CEE’s Earthcare page in Sakal Young Buzz describing efforts to educate young people about coastal environment and development issues and to protect turtles.


5 Responses to “Turtle Ahoy”

  1. Azhar said

    I am reminded of Ogden Nash’s poem in praise of the turtle. Personally speaking, I’d want to title his poem slightly differently in deference to Sanskriti’s piece on the Olive Ridley. I would want to call it: “O, live riddle!” — Azhar Tyabji

    So, here goes:

    THE TURTLE (i.e., “O, live riddle!” — ed)
    by Ogden Nash

    The turtle lives twixt plated decks,
    Which practically conceal its sex,
    I think it clever of the turtle,
    In such a fix to be so fertile.


  2. Civicus said


    I’m sure Nash would not mind. He was himself quite notorious for revising, from edition to edition, not only the titles but even the critical opening and closing lines of his poems. If you have ever struggled to locate, in a book or online, using any of those as search terms, a particular Nash poem that you remembered reading ages ago, chances are you would know what I mean! 😀

  3. Civicus said

    Off-topic, but in similar spirit as THE TURTLE, here’s Nash on THE SHRIMP:

    A shrimp who sought his lady shrimp
    Could catch no glimpse
    Not even a glimp.
    At times, translucence
    Is rather a nuisance.

  4. Azhar said

    When I now read of turtles of any stripe (and diamond) anywhere, I am reminded immediately of stuffido. Even the expressions “toasted olives” or “Palmolive smile”, or the title to the musical “Oliver!” for that matter, conjure alarming images of animal exploitation for [dis]tasteful consumption (toothpaste included). It’s an almost Pavlovian-style response on my part (think turtle = write stuffido), and I start salivating at the prospect of posting something new on said blog. Here’s the latest installment, and it beautifully parallels the Arribada ritual…with a few implicit lessons to boot.


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