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Community Composting and Sorting Sites

Posted by Sanskriti on July 27, 2009

Sorting shed at Hadapsar

Sorting shed at Hadapsar

Seems to me that a critical part of the very large daily activity of processing 1200 tons of wet and dry (waste) materials is space. Even if people segregate at home, the downstream system needs to be such that can maintain separate streams of materials (dry recyclable stream and wet stream).

Ideally the wet should get composted at the household or housing society level, and the compost used locally in home or neighbourhood gardens. As for the dry … the waste-collectors need time and space to aggregate, sort and repackage the dry recyclables for sale to scrap dealers. The Maharashtra govt has made a rule that municipal authorities should provide sorting sheds for waste collectors.

Problem is that most people don’t want a sorting shed in their neighbourhood. This same problem will be posed to a couple of landscape architects who will intern with CEE later this year, and hopefully they will develop some good and functional designs.

Before they start their work, I am thinking that it would be good to make an offer to housing societies/ neighbourhood groups (maybe, just may be, there are people who will experiment) that two landscape design consultants will be at their service, and that groups should register for jointly developing a solution that works for them. And maybe, there will be a corporate group that will step in and fund the execution too.

Now, is that a good idea or what?


One Response to “Community Composting and Sorting Sites”

  1. Deepak P. Dedhia said

    We must stop burning of garden waste. Our society of row houses has its mandatory empty plot next to the main road of Mayur colony area. All bungalow owners come and dump their garden waste there and then someone comes and sets fire to it once in a while. There are huge heaps of waste and so one can imagine the magnitude of the fires and the smoke produced. Mayur colony area is known for its greenery and beautiful bungalows but if one were to be shown only this plot, he or she cannot be expected to believe that this space is part of the Mayur colony area. The PMC has a sanitation department shed and a garbage bin there and people use the plot as a dumping ground because it is next to the garbage bin. Tonight I cannot sleep because of the smoke coming into our house in spite of the windows being closed. My 8 year old son is wheezing and can’t sleep. The sanitation workers do not do anything to collect the garden waste and deliver it to farmers for making compost, which I believe they are supposed to do. How can we stop this menace?

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