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Tambat Ali, Pune

Posted by Sanskriti on July 25, 2009

CEE and Intach organized a visit on 18 July 2009 to Tambat Ali for meeting one of the master craftsmen and to try and understand this famous craft of Pune. Tambat Ali in Pune has existed since the time the Peths were first created by Chhatrapati Shivaji. The tambats came to Pune from the Konkan. Seven generations have lived in Kasba Path. There used to 12 to 15 families earlier, of which only 2 seem to be active in the present day. Reasons for the decline include increasing pressures of modern development, land prices, and the ‘slow market’ for copper work. 

Mr Kadu informed about the linkages with Aksharnandan and Sahyadri schools. Students from Design schools, as well as crafts people from other countries visit and sometimes undergo short internships here. Intach has organized 3 workshops in recent times, with a view to discussing ways of enhancing the craft. Recent discussions have also thrown up the idea that an alternative location could be found at Mundhwa for the interested Tambat families to create a Copper Crafts Village. Or may be a copper village could be made right here, in situ. The historic and traditional location, where the Tambat families have always been, just a few minutes from Shaniwar Wada – I think no matter what the land prices, its only right that this is where the bumbs, oil lamps and little copper kitchen sets for little girls should continue to be made.

Here are some pictures.

Tambat Ali

12 Responses to “Tambat Ali, Pune”

  1. ramjee said

    That’s an interesting effort indeed! I must try to replicate the effort in Chennai as well.

    • Sanskriti said

      Hi Ramjee … yes it was indeed interesting. Some lines of thoughts opened up that day: how is heritage conservation to be finnaced; ‘old’ need not always be ‘good’ and what kind of questions become relevant in the context of sustainability. Discussions are continuing amongst the participants of the walk that day. Lets see what emerge, and dare I say … ‘watch this space’!

  2. Thank u very much 2 gives us space on web.
    I m also tambat cast.

    Deepak bodhe

  3. Priyanka Rana said

    hey m working on ‘green methods to conserve traditional architecture of tambat ali’ as my dissertation topic.
    can anyone please help me out with any stuff related to this topic.

  4. Ruth said

    Im working on a systems project based on the tambat craft, and I would like to have a little more information about it. I want to know about the role played by the vendors in the craft ie. where is the material bought from, how is it processed (spinning/drawing/blanking), etc.

    • Sanskriti said

      Hi Ruth, you might like to get in touch with Supriya at INTACH Pune ( for information. If you are in Pune (and it appears from your email id that you are), you could visit Tambat Ali and see the processes and ask the craftspeople about sourcing and upstream processes. Not sure they are spinning and drawing, though I have seen a lathe for cutting and shaping.

      • Ruth said

        Thanks a lot. We visited Tambat Ali, but could not get information about the sourcing and upstream processes. We will get in touch with Supriya at INTACH Pune.

  5. Kishor Dhondiram Tambat said

    Very nice to see all photos.
    I am also Kishor Tambat living in Nasik.
    Nasik also having New Tambat Lane & Old Tambat Lane.
    Some Tambat staying in Ojhar.
    We also earlier Copper Smith. Now this business nobody is doing because copper is very costly & new genration using microwave oven that is why this business nobody is doing.


  6. NQ said

    I am very keen to interact with the artisans. Is there a co-oeprative society made for them ? If had to source products directly from Artisans is it even possible?

    • Sanskriti said

      NQ – If you are in Pune, you can directly go to Tambat Ali and interact with the Tambats. You may also like to get in touch with the folks at and This is a joint initiative of the Tambat community and INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage). One of the designers associated with INTACH has been working with the Tambats to create and market new products.

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